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Sewer Use Policy

Listed below are the more pertinent points covered in the West Knox Utility District “Rules and Regulations of Sewer Use Policy”, however; the information listed below will give the customer a simple guideline to follow when installing sewer lines.

  1. Acceptable Types of Pipe
    • PVC Schedule 40 with solvent weld joints
    • Cast iron commercial standard C-S188-59 with pitch coating and rubber gasket
  2. Minimum Pipe Size
    • 4″ I.D
  3. Minimum Slope
    • 1/4″ per 1 foot for 4″ pipe
    • 1/8″ per 1 foot for 6″ pipe
  4. Minimum Cover – 12 inches
  5. Cleanouts
    • Shall be 4″ wye or tee type
    • Shall be installed not more than 100′ apart and at every bend greater than 45 degrees
    • On the outside of the building being served within 5 linear feet of the exterior wall
  6. Service lines must be installed on hard, undisturbed trench bottom or trench must be backfilled with sand or gravel firmly tamped to the haunch line (center line) of the pipe
  7. DO NOT connect gutter drains, surface water drains, etc., to the sewer
  8. The person making the installation shall request an inspection 24 hours in advance
  9. An additional fee shall be charged for each inspection trip necessitated by incomplete or unsatisfactory work
  10. Water and sewer service line must be separated by 10′ horizontally or 1 1/2′ vertically with water line on top