Current Vendor

Current Vendor

On behalf of West Knox Utility District, we genuinely appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed within our company, and will continue to strive for providing no less than excellent service to our business partners. We aspire to provide accelerated and efficient support to our vendors, as we know and appreciate how valuable time can be in today's fast paced world. We now offer the ability for our current vendors to change or update existing information on your business account with West Knox Utility District. Simply click on the link below and fill in or select any changes needing to be made on your vendor account.  



We are excited to bring you the opportunity to receive your payments even faster than before! Why enroll in our vendor ACH program you ask? This program is mutually beneficial for reasons such as increased security, faster payment, enhanced traceability, and heightened accuracy. We understand that your time is valuable and would like to make this enrollment process as quick as possible for our vendors. Simply click on the link below and complete the form to enroll in our Vendor ACH Payment Program. Please be sure to select the appropriate drop down when requesting payment by our ACH method. 


Credit Card

Our goal is to optimize our commercial card program in order to improve process efficiency and working capital management, as well as reduce the cost of processing check transactions. Specific benefits you may experience when you accept Visa Commercial Card range from accelerated payment and improved cash flow, to real-time notifications for each card payment. This will also allow for reduced paperwork and a streamlined accounts receivables process. We intend to pay suppliers who participate in our Payables Automaton Program upon arrival of invoices, which may result in significant payment acceleration. 

How it Works:

Upon enrolling, you will be directed to access a secure website to obtain the credit card account which you will use for future payments. In the future, you will receive an automated remittance notification email alerting you of the amount to charge and other pertinent details of the transaction. To enroll in this payment option, please click on the link below and select the pay by credit card method. 



Still prefer the traditional method of receiving payments? The availability to receive a paper check through the mail service remains an option for those vendors who desire a payment to be delivered directly to a place of business. To choose this option, simply complete the vendor information form located in the link below.


Should you have any questions regarding the vendor enrollment process, please contact the accounts payable department at  865-690-2521 ext 283.